Mohammed Ahmed博士答辩顺利通过
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Mohammed Ahmed博士答辩顺利通过

20211019日,Mohammed Ahmed同学在中科大中区医学楼218会议室顺利通过了博士学位论文答辩。


答辩人就博士论文《Generation, Biochemical Characterizations and Validation of Nanobodies specific for human receptor》进行陈述。答辩人有条理地展示了课题背景以及一系列研究成果。答辩主席与四位答辩委员分别进行了详细的提问,考察了Mohammed Ahmed对课题的理解以及基本实验方法的掌握。Mohammed Ahmed仔细回答了老师们的提问。随后答辩主席总结答辩人论文中存在的一些不足和需要进一步改进的地方,答辩人虚心地接受了老师们的建议。   

最终,答辩答辩委员会对此次博士学位论文答辩进行投票,Mohammed Ahmed全票通过了此次答辩,答辩主席刘琳宣布Mohammed Ahmed成功通过答辩。

On October 19, 2021, Dr. Mohammed Ahmed successfully passed his PhD thesis defense in Conference Room 218 of Medical Science Building, USTC.

Committee members participating in this defense included Liu, Lin (Anhui University, committee chair), Fu, Chuanhai (University of Science and Technology of China), Bai, Li (University of Science and Technology of China), Li, Fengyin (University of Science and Technology of China), and Li, Bofeng (University of Science and Technology of China).

Mr. Mohammed Ahmed made a presentation on his doctoral thesis Generation, Biochemical Characterizations and Validation of Nanobodies specific for human receptor. He presented the background and many kinds of results logically. The chair and the other four committee members raised questions and inspected Mr. Mohammed Ahmed's understanding about the subject and basic experimental skills. Dr. Mohammed Ahmed answered the committee’s questions. Then the chair woman summarized some problems in his thesis and the content that needed further improvement, and Mr. Mohammed Ahmed humbly accepted the committee's suggestions.

In the end, the defense committee voted for the defense of the doctoral dissertation. Mr. Mohammed Ahmed passed the defense unanimously. Professor Liu, Lin, the chair of the defense committee, announced that Mr. Mohammed Ahmed successfully passed the defense.