2021 TJ-Lab Training Completed
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2021 TJ-Lab Training Completed

In order to welcome new members, TJ-Lab 2021 summer training was successfully held in the 218 meeting room of the Medical Science Building in Mid-campus from August 2nd to 5th. The training session was lead by professor Jin and organized by Yang Yunru, Zhao Dan, and Hu Jing. The training adopted a combination of online and offline format, with a total of about 100 participants.

The training uses the 5th edition of TJ-Lab SOP as a reference book, which is edited by Ph.D. student Zhihao Xu and TJ-Lab. The training covered topics including molecular biology, protein expression and purification, biochemical and biophysical analysis, structural biology technology, software, scientific writing, and ended with an assessment exam. This training has deepened all participants’ understanding of related experiments. The knowledge gained will be used in future research projects.

2021 TJ-Lab Summer Training Schedule