Feng Chen’s new paper accepted
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Feng Chen’s new paper accepted

Feng Chen’s new paper titled with “Identification of a novel major allergen in buckwheat seeds-Fag t 6” was accepted by J Agric Food Chem on May 13, 2021, many congratulations!

Currently, the first author of this paper, Feng Chen, is a 4th year Ph.D student at USTC. Prof. Tengchuan Jin and Prof. Rui Tang of Peking Union Medical College Hospital are corresponding authors. Congratulations to all authors. 


Buckwheat is one of the five main allergenic foods (eggs, milk, wheat, buckwheat and peanuts). Oleosin is an important type of allergen in some allergic foods. However, most diagnostic nut and seed extracts are defatted, some patients with food allergies may have a false negative diagnostic results in oleosin in vitro. Recently, we found that the serum of buckwheat allergic patients responded strongly to an 18 kDa protein. Mass spectrometry analysis showed it is the oleosin protein family. We further purified and evaluated the allergenicity of this buckwheat oleosin-type allergen, which is involved in the formation of buckwheat oil bodies. The tartary buckwheat oleosin allergen was named as Fag t 6, according to the WHO/IUIS Allergen Nomenclature Subcommittee criteria. The DNA sequence of tartary buckwheat oleosin was cloned. Dot blot and ELISA showed half of the 20 buckwheat allergic patients' serum had strong reactivity with purified buckwheat Fag t 6. Circular dichroism experiment analysis of its thermal stability showed a Tm of 64.65 ± 0.65°C. Buckwheat allergy showed possible cross-reaction with wheat allergy. In summary, this study not only increases our understanding of buckwheat allergies and oil-soluble allergens in general, it may also be used to improve diagnostic tests for buckwheat allergies in the future.