Structural Immunology book edited by Prof Jin is published
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    The Structural Immunology book is edited by Prof. Jin and Prof. Yin is published in Nov, 2019 by Springer as part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series. It can be viewed at:

    This book presents a comprehensive overview of important immune molecules and their structure-function relationships. The immune system is highly complex, consisting of a network of molecules, cells, tissues and organs, and the immune reaction is involved in various physiological as well as pathological processes, including development, self-tolerance, infection, immunity, and cancer. Numerous molecules participate in immune recognition, inhibition and activation, and these important immune molecules can be roughly divided into cell surface receptors, intracellular receptors and intracellular signaling molecules. The study of how these immune molecules function at molecular level has laid the foundation for understanding the immune system. The book provides researchers and students with the latest research advances concerning the structural biology of key immune molecules/pathways, and offers immunologists essential insights into how these immune molecules function.


Structural immunology, Pattern recognition receptors, Structure and function of immune receptors, Molecular immunology, Innate immunity, Cytokines, Intracellular signaling complexes

 Front Matter

Pages i-xiii   PDF

  Structural Basis for Signaling Through Shared Common γ Chain Cytokines

Huilin Yang, Rakeeb Kureshi, Jamie B. Spangler

Pages 1-19  PDF

  MHC Molecules, T cell Receptors, Natural Killer Cell Receptors, and Viral Immunoevasins—Key Elements of Adaptive and Innate Immunity

Jiansheng Jiang, Kannan Natarajan, David H. Margulies

Pages 21-62  PDF

  Structures of Immune Checkpoints: An Overview on the CD28-B7 Family

Weifeng Liu, Xingxing Zang

Pages 63-78  PDF

  Interleukin-10 Family Cytokines Immunobiology and Structure

Huaxing Wei, Bofeng Li, Anyuan Sun, Feng Guo

Pages 79-96  PDF

  Structural Insights into the Interleukin-17 Family Cytokines and Their Receptors

Shenping Liu

Pages 97-117  PDF

  Structural Biology of NOD-Like Receptors

Xinru Yang, Guangzhong Lin, Zhifu Han, Jijie Chai

Pages 119-141  PDF

  AIM2 Inflammasome Assembly and Signaling

Bing Wang, Yuan Tian, Qian Yin

Pages 143-155  PDF

  Structures of RIG-I-Like Receptors and Insights into Viral RNA Sensing

Xiaojiao Fan, Tengchuan Jin

Pages 157-188  PDF

  Structural Insight of Gasdermin Family Driving Pyroptotic Cell Death

Jianbin Ruan

Pages 189-205  PDF

  NF-κB, IκB, and IKK: Integral Components of Immune System Signaling

Maria Carmen Mulero, Tom Huxford, Gourisankar Ghosh

Pages 207-226  PDF